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Off-Highway Vehicles

At the May 16, 2022 Council meeting, Council passed the Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw #04-2022 - being a pilot project effective until December 31, 2022.

After review of the pilot project, Council passed the Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw #14-2022 at the December 19, 2022 Council meeting.

  • What is the purpose of the bylaw?
    • The intent of the OHV bylaw is to allow property owners the ability to travel the shortest distance from point A to B. (ie: transport compost & branches to the municipal compost site, wash OHV at carwash). Council can rescind this bylaw at any time.
  • What is classified as an off-highway vehicle? 
    • 4-wheel drive vehicles, low pressure tire vehicles, motorcycles & related 2-wheel vehicles, amphibious machines, all terrain vehicles, miniature motor vehicles, snow vehicles, minibikes, and any other means of transportation that is propelled by any power other than muscular power or wind. *For the purpose of the bylaw, all permitted OHV's must be registered & insured.

  • General rules: 
    • 50 Ave is a provincial highway (#651) therefore OHV can cross but cannot travel on highway;
    • Max speed limit for OHV is 20km/hr;
    • Bylaw only permits OHV on roads and alleys - they are not permitted in parks, trails, or privately owned property;
    • No operation of OHV's between 10pm-7am;
    • Safety helmets must be worn;
    • Drivers must be minimum 14yrs old and have a valid learner's permit or operator's license;
    • OHV's must be insured and registered;
    • OHV's will be prohibited during fire advisorys/restrictions/bans;
    • Use of OHV to clear snow on alleys, sidewalks & roads is not permitted;
    • OHV exhaust/muffler cannot be widened or have a device attached which creates flames and sparks;
    • OHV must be equipped with minimum one headlight & taillight