Strategic Plan

 "The ideal community for families and business, celebrating our history with a progressive view to our future”

2018-2021 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is the process of (a) understanding where you are right now, (b) determining where you want to be in the future, and (c) planning how to get there by choosing what areas to focus on first and determining how to best use limited resources.

Setting a strategic direction and acting upon it is imperative for an organizations success. Legal has a three-year Strategic Plan that was developed and approved on March 5, 2018.

Strategic Plan Summary

Legal is the ideal community for families.
  • Increased school registrations
  • Increased program registrations
  • New residential builds
  • Reduction of vacancies in rental properties
  • Up-to-date social media and website
  • Increase in public feedback from events
  • Increase local advertisements and promotion to sell the community's assets. 
  • Increase external relations to promote the Town as a thriving community welcoming families and businesses.
  • Enhance market potential by investing in billboards to get Legal recognized by a larger audience.  
  • Promote tourism to bring people to Town. 
  • Increase local event planning. 
Legal to prioritize collaboration with regional partners. 
  • Decrease outgoing expenses
  • Consistent regional voice - be at the table
  • Explore one regional initiative per year
  • Encourage regular meetings with neighboring councils and administrations to discuss regional issues.
  • Complete Inter-municipal Collaboration Frameworks with Sturgeon County.
  • Ongoing collaboration with regional partner groups.
  • Explore cost sharing ideas with region to improve service delivery and reduce operating costs.
Legal has the necessary emergency services for its citizens.
  • Participate in Fire Prevention Week
  • Increase volunteer recruitment for the Fire Department
  • Reliable EMS
  • Decrease emergency service response times
  • Meet regularly with key stakeholders
  • Monitor system to ensure that the quality of the emergency services system meets the needs of local residents. 
  • Lobby the government for improved ambulance services. 
  • Assist the volunteer emergency services group by being a strong partner to help recruit new members. 
  • Publically recognize emergency service volunteers.
Legal provides support and opportunity for new business and industry. 
  • Maintain current local businesses 
  • Increase store front businesses 
  • Increase home based businesses
  • Decrease vacancies on Main Street
  • Collaborate with regional partners
  • Keep planning documents up-to-date to support development (Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan).
  • Advocate for a paved connection to Alberta Heartland.
  • Meet with local industrial landowners to discuss development. 
  • Land inventory on website. 
  • Promote the use of the Sturgeon County Business Directory.
  • Partner with Legal Chamber of Commerce to promote membership with both organizations. 
Legal meets the recreation and social needs of its residents.
  • Positive feedback from community and program attendance
  • Increase community events
  • Decrease indicators of crime within the community
  • Ongoing public feedback via local surveys.
  • Collaborate on regional programs. 
  • Explore programs that do not have to be 100% cost recovery. 
  • Communicate with schools and service groups to identify recreational needs and possible partnerships.
  • Support crime reduction programs. 
Legal is a strong partner in maintaining and strengthening the services we have through education, communication and promotion.
  • Attendance in programs
  • Volunteers joining the registry
  • Adequate supply of volunteers to run a program
  • Issue personal invitations to events. 
  • Use of comments/suggestion boxes at events and on projects.
  • Increase advertising requests for volunteers in Legal-Lerie and on Social Media. 
  • Advertise in different newspapers within the surrounding area. 
Town of Legal is fiscally responsible. ensuring community sustainability.
  • Balanced budgets
  • Low debt
  • Sufficient reserves
  • Maintain infrastructure
  • Fully utilize grant monies
  • 5-year budget forecast for Capital Plan
  • 5-year budget forecast for other projects
  • Prioritize budget items and plan for funding
  • Explore grant opportunities
  • Collaborate regionally to offer more cost effective program or services.
Legal is recognized as a multicultural community with a rich Francophone heritage. 
  • Partnership with ACFA
  • More bilingual events 
  • Increased multicultural events
  • Achieve competitive advantage through membership with Francophone organizations
  • Meet with Centralta Tourism Society and l'ACFA to brainstorm ideas for promotional strategy for Town murals and Francophone endeavors. 
  • Showcase bilingual and multiculturalism during community events. 
Legal has a strong working relationship with the business community. 
  • Chamber of Commerce and the Town to have a shared vision
  • Respectful relationships with the Town and business organizations
  • Maintain ongoing relationship and discussions with Chamber of Commerce.
  • Town of Legal to prepare a presentation as to the benefits of the new website, business memberships, etc. to the Chamber of Commerce for the 2019 AGM.
Town of Legal to have a clear and progressive vision for the future of the community.
  • Legal has a vision statement
  • Write a vision and mission statement for the Town. 
  • Develop guiding principles. 

Guiding Principles

Council and administration adhere to five guiding principles in order to fulfill the community’s strategic objectives:

  1. Leadership – we lead the community by listening, being responsive and inspiring other to contribute to a better future.
  2. Teamwork – working together to earn trust and respect in the community.
  3. Communication – sharing information an encouraging feedback.
  4. Creativity – we strive to develop optimistic creative working partnerships.
  5. Optimism – we encourage community involvement while embracing change.
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