Water Service



48th STREET FROM 50th AVENUE TO 51st AVENUE - Beginning August 24, 2021

49st STREET FROM 50th AVENUE TO 51st AVENUE - Beginning August 30, 2021

The Town of Legal is replacing the existing deteriorated water mains and services. Nikiforuk Construction will be operating as the General contractor for the Watermain Replacements for the Town.

This project has 3 components:
A) Watermain Replacement (Nikiforuk Construction)
B) Concrete Repairs (Diogo Concrete)
C) Trench asphalt repairs (Border Paving)

Nikiforuk Construction will be commencing with Component “A”. It is anticipated that the construction will take up to 3 weeks to complete the Watermain Replacement, weather permitting. Concrete, landscaping, and asphalt trench repairs will follow.

What Will You See

Construction activities will be scheduled between 7 am and 9 pm during weekdays and on weekends when required.

Installation of the water mains in the street will be completed by installing pipe in a trench, backfilling and reinstating the asphalt surface. Some concrete will also be reinstated where new hydrants are installed. Service pipes will also be replaced using a trenchless method to the property line and the customer valve (CC) will be replaced. An excavation will be required to install the CC which is either located in sodded areas or may be located in resident driveways. All disturbance will be restored to the current condition or better.

Temporary Water and Sewer

Residences along 49th and 48th Street will be supplied with temporary water which will be supplied through hose bib connections and residents should not experience any interruption in regular service. Scheduled water outages will occur to facilitate watermain tie-ins to existing water mains, each of which will take less than a full day. Residents will be given notice of the temporary water outage.

Parking and Vehicle Access

Sections of roadway are being closed, as per the included map. Residents affected during a section of construction will have to remove their vehicles from driveways and temporarily park vehicles at an alternative location. Also, contractors will be available to assist residents with mobility issues. At times when vehicle access is restricted in certain areas, alternate route of access has been provided as per the included map.

Pedestrian access will be maintained to residences.

Click here for the DETOUR MAP.

Garbage & Recycle Pick-Up

Residents should continue to put their garbage and recycle out as per their regular schedule. The Town will coordinate the pick-up and return of garbage cans to residents. Residents are encouraged to mark their garbage cans with their address, to make return easier.

Should you have any problems or concerns with the temporary water supply during construction, please contact Nick Nikiforuk at: 780-991-3662.

Nikiforuk Construction apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

For public works emergency after hours and on weekends, please call 780-984-9584.

Water Service Overview

The Town of Legal receives its water supply from the City of Edmonton through a regional water line. The water comes into the Town’s Water Treatment Plant and is monitored by the public works department. Residents receive this utility through the water distribution system.

The Town is responsible for maintenance of the water distribution system which includes water mains, valves and service line stubs.

Property owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of water lines once the connection reaches the property line.

Note: new construction may be subject to added fees and costs which are addressed during the development permit application process.

Water Rates:

  • $74.25 for the first 9 cubic meters (bi-monthly)
  • $1.47 for each additional cubic meter used


Payment of Water Utility

The water service is billed on a monthly basis for renters and a bi-monthly basis for home owners. Payment must be received at the Town Office by the due date shown on the utility bill. If you are paying a utility bill close to its due date, it is recommended that payment is made directly at the Town Office to avoid penalty.

Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, or Interac:

  • By mail: P.O. Box 390, Legal, AB T0G 1L0 
  • In person: Legal Town Office, 5021 - 50 Street, Legal, Alberta during regular office hours (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. AND 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted).
  • Drop box: Mail slot located at the entrance on the south side of the Town Office, 5021 - 50 Street, Legal, Alberta.
  • Financial institutions: At most chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, or via telephone or internet banking. Please allow up to four business days for payment to reach us.
  • Pre-Authorized Automatic Withdraw: Set up an account with the Town for pre-authorized utility payments. 
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