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Legal is proud to be recognized as a bilingual community.

This vibrant community located 50 kilometers north of Edmonton on Highway 651 and is fast becoming one of the 'communities on the move' in terms of its increased focus on the map of Alberta.

Whether you are en route to "Festival City", taking a long road trip to the east coast or looking for a serene place to enjoy a picnic and visit with locals, the Town of Legal is the place to be.

Not only can you enjoy the beautifully depicted historical murals placed throughout Town, you can also enjoy farmers markets, trade fairs, live music, art, a demolition derby, sport tournaments and much more.  

There is uniqueness in every small community. In Legal, you can expect that everyone will wave at you and say hi as they pass you on the street. If you enjoy an afternoon out during a local festival or event you will be served fresh foods that taste just like Grandma's cooking. As a family friendly, safe community we welcome you to take a moment to experience the peacefulness of our community, to take part in our local traditions and make lasting memories together. 

After spending a weekend, day or an afternoon in our community, we would not be surprised if you did not want to leave...