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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness - Heat Waves

During heat waves, buildings with no indoor cooling systems will continue to get hotter with each passing day, increasing health-related risks. Heat waves can also increase our risk to wildfires and lead to water and power outages. Monitor the weather and prepare for extreme heat by: 

  • Making a plan that considers the unique needs of your household such as a back-up plan for power outages if you rely on an elevator or have reduced mobility. 
  • Identifying family, friends and nearby community members who are at higher risk of heat illness and set up a ‘Heat buddy' system.
  • Preparing a list of the nearest air-conditioned spaces or cooling centres that can accommodate your needs (e.g. wheelchair accessible, children’s activities, pet friendly).
  • Installing curtains, blinds or awnings in windows to deflect the heat, and keep them closed during the day. A low-cost option is covering windows with cardboard.

Learn more tips and how to protect yourself during an extreme heat event.

Sturgeon Regional Emergency Management Plan


Legal along with Bon Accord, Gibbons, Morinville, Redwater and Sturgeon County have cooperatively developed Sturgeon Regional Emergency Management Partnership (SREMP) with the support and approval from the Minister of Municipal Affairs. 

SREMP promotes increased co-ordination, co-operation, collaboration, capacity, and integration by all six member municipalities and the province during all phases of emergency management: planning and preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. The Plan also enhances emergency preparedness, public education, and common public messaging for each of the key hazards the region may face and will strengthen regional information sharing, communications, and joint planning, training, and exercises. 


  1. Emergency Management Bylaw #05-2019
  2. SREMP Agreement
  3. SREMP Emergency Action Guide - Everything you need to know about Emergency Preparedness in the Sturgeon Region

We are well into Alberta’s summer hazard season. If an emergency affects your area, you may need to act quickly. #BePrepared by:

Connected Communities

Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause disruptions to daily services we rely on, such as water and power. #BePrepared for power and water outages before they occur with these tips:

Download the Alberta Emergency Alert app for critical, life-saving alerts.