Pet Owner Search

The pet owner search is a feature that helps re-connect lost or missing pets with their rightful owners. If you have found a cat or dog at large that is accompanied by a tag issued by the Town of Legal, you can search for the owner by inputting the tag number and tag year in the search fields below. If the pet owner has agreed to publicize their information, you will be prompted with contact details. Otherwise, contact the Town Office.

To enter the Tag ID, please specify if it is a Cat or Dog Tag (ie. enter 'Cat 001' followed by the Tag Year).

Do you have a missing pet?

If your pet is currently registered with the Town and has gone missing you can submit a ticket notifying the Town Office. If your pet is located or reported to the Town Office, we will help re-connect you with your lost or missing pet.

Submit a Missing Pet

Found my pet!

Did you report your pet missing and have you been re-connected? If so, please notify the Town Office by clicking the button below.

Re-connected to Missing Pet

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