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Pet Owner Search

The pet owner search is a feature that helps re-connect lost or missing pets with their rightful owners. If you have found a cat or dog at large that is accompanied by a tag issued by the Town of Legal, you can search for the owner by inputting the tag number and tag year in the search fields below. If the pet owner has agreed to publicize their information, you will be prompted with contact details. Otherwise, contact the Town Office.

  • Instructions:  
    1. Under 'Tag ID' enter whether the animal is a "Cat" or "Dog" followed by the 3-digit tag number found at the bottom of the animal license tag (for example enter:   Cat 001   or   Dog 001   - include a space between Cat/Dog and the number)
    2. Under 'Tag Year' enter the year that is found at the top of the animal license tag
    3. Click 'Search'

Do you have a missing pet?

If your pet is currently registered with the Town and has gone missing you can submit a ticket notifying the Town Office. If your pet is located or reported to the Town Office, we will help re-connect you with your lost or missing pet.

Submit a Missing Pet

Found my pet!

Did you report your pet missing and have you been re-connected? If so, please notify the Town Office by clicking the button below.

Re-connected to Missing Pet

Stray and Lost Cats

Edmonton Humane Society only accepts all sick and injured stray cats from outside the City of Edmonton limits.

EHS cannot accept healthy stray cats. Confirm the cat really needs rescuing from the community and if it is in distress, before calling EHS 780-491-3522.

  • Contact the Town Office about the cat first to see if someone reported it lost, or if they can assist with the stray holding of the cat.
  • Cats must be noticeably injured/in distress for EHS to accept into care (Example: Limping, open wounds, hit by car, underweight)

Different types of neighbourhood cats:

Short Term Cats: could be recently acquired by someone in the neighbourhood, an indoor cat whom has escaped from the home. Use the steps below to reunite it with the family.

Long Term “Neighbourhood” Cats: If the cat is friendly, and you do not want to care for the cat, consider rehoming the cat or finding a neighbour to take over the care. Do not allow your property to become desirable if you do not want cats near your home.

Kittens without a mother; keep in mind the mother will likely return. Please don’t immediately intervene.

  • It is critical the kittens remain in the mother’s care for their survival
  • If the mother returns, let her care for them until 8 weeks of age.
  • If mother cat does not return, consider becoming a Kitten Co-op foster parent to raise them in your home until they are old enough to enter the shelter. EHS will provide kits and resources to help you care for them.

Facts about stray cats:

  • Most community cats have access to shelter, food and water and are used to living outdoors
  • If you see friendly cats in your yard, it's best to leave them alone as they may belong to someone in the neighborhood.
  • Only approximately 3% of stray cats brought to animal shelters are reunited with their families, if left outdoors in their neighbourhood they are 10 times more likely to return home.
  • Do not encourage stray cats onto your property if you find them a nuisance. Ensure there are no food sources, shelters, or options for the cats that make your property desirable.

You can help reunite a stray cat with its family by using one of the following methods:

  • Place lost and found ads online, on Facebook groups, and on posters if you are attempting to find the owner
  • If you can safely handle the animal, take it to a local veterinary office to be scanned for a microchip
  • Ask neighbours, friends, and family if they recognize the cat and know the owners
  • Place a collar on a frequently roaming cat, with a note to let your neighbours know to call you