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The Town of Legal thanks you for your patience during the snow removal. Public Works is working diligently to remove the large amount of snow that was received in a short period of time. Snow removal priorities are as follows: * 1. Town owned buildings, public parking & sidewalk areas * 2. 50 avenue (secondary highway #651) * 3. 50 street south and north of 50 avenue 4. Residential area to be determined by Town of Legal Public Works staff 5. Alleys and lanes shall be cleared after all other main routes are cleared 6. 50th avenue between 53rd street and 45th street and 46th street between 51st avenue and 52nd avenue shall have the in a windrow, with the intersections opened to allow access to other roadways. Once roadways are cleared then snow hauling will commence 7. All snow clearing will be at the discretion of the public works supervisor 8. The public works staff (time permitting) will attempt to clear the driveways into properties once the snowplow has passed. 9. Snow clearing may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as equipment failure, other priorities and staff availability.


Other Utilities

Residents may require the support of utility services providers. As such, quick access links are provided to assist you.

Fortis Alberta ATCO Gas Telus
EPCOR Direct Energy Clearwave
Just Energy Enmax/EasyMax MCSNet

Other Utilities and Services

Internet Services Telephone Line Repair Line Locators Burnt-out Street Lights and Power Outages
Ph. 780-310-4NET
Ph. 611
Alberta One Call
Ph. 1-800-242-3447
Ph. 310-WIRE

Clearwave Broadband
Ph. 780-66-9283


Ph. 1-866-390-3928


Star Alliance Enterprises Inc.



Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA)

Visit ucahelps.alberta.ca to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.

Comparing Energy Rates

www.energyrates.ca is Alberta-based and Canada's largest unbiased energy review website and lists all retailer electricity and natural gas options for each deregulated Canadian market. 

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