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Urban Hens

On June 21, 2021, Council passed the Hen Bylaw #11-2021 that allows for hen keeping and outlines the regulations required to be a hen keeper in the Town of Legal. Here you will find information and details about keeping backyard hens.

Hen License Overview

Hen Bylaw #11-2021 requires that every owner of an urban hen(s) within the Town of Legal acquire a Hen License.

What You Need to Know:

  • Hen licenses need to be purchased and renewed on an annual basis.
    Hen licenses are valid for a calendar year (January to December).
  • A hen license is not transferable from one person to another.
  • A hen license allows to the keeping of up to 4 hens on one property.
  • The following are required in order to apply for a hen license:
  • You do not require a development permit if the hen keeping complies with and is licensed under the Hen Bylaw.

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