Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs Animal License Overview

Animal Control Bylaw #12-2022 requires that every owner of a cat or dog within the Town of Legal license their animal. 

What You Need to Know:

  • Cat and Dog licenses need to be purchased and renewed on an annual basis. Payment is due by February 15 each year.
  • A 20% penalty is applied to all cat and dog licenses purchased after February 15.
  • The Owner of a cat or dog must license their animal with the Town within 15 days of becoming the said Owner. 
  • Cat / Dog licenses cannot be transferred from one animal or owner to another.
  • Cat / Dog tags issued by the Town must be securely fastened to the animal's collar.
  • Section 6.0 of the bylaw addresses Vicious Dog and Guard Dog regulations.
  • Fines may be issued for one's failure to comply with the Animal Control Bylaw.
  • A Cat / Dog license is a unique ID that tells us your pet belongs to you. It allows us to reunite the two of you more quickly if your pet ever gets lost or displaced in an emergency.
  • Licensing helps control the domestic animal population.
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