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Legal recognizes the value of clean and safe highways and sidewalks and the importance of maintaining them in this condition. HIGHWAY SNOW CLEARING PRIORITIES: 1. Town owned buildings, public parking & sidewalk areas 2. 50 Avenue (secondary highway #651) 3. 50 Street (south and north of 50 Avenue) 4. Residential area to be determined by Town of Legal Public Works staff 5. Alleys and lanes shall be cleared after all other main routes are cleared 6. 50 Avenue between 53 Street and 45 Street, and 46 Street between 51 Avenue and 52 Avenue shall have the in a windrow, with the intersections opened to allow access to other roadways. Once roadways are cleared then snow hauling will commence 7. All snow clearing will be at the discretion of the public works supervisor 8. The public works staff (time permitting) will attempt to clear the driveways into properties once the snowplow has passed. 9. Snow clearing may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as equipment failure, other priorities and staff availability. SIDEWALK CLEARING PRIORITIES: 1. Down town core 2. All remaining sidewalks


Meet the Candidates

Andy Beaton

I moved to the Legal area when I was 12 years old and met my wife when we were 17 years old. It was at that time that I really started to make Legal my home. Since that time, I have sat on numerous boards and committees including the Fete Au Village, Citizens on Patrol, Legal Soccer, Friends of Legal School and the Legal Library Board, in addition to volunteering any way possible within the community. From being the town crier for the Fete Au Village to coaching youth soccer teams, I believe that family and community come first.

If elected I would like to spend my time on council advocating for our seniors, assisting Homeland Housing by investing in our seniors facility, making it even more accommodating for our seniors. I would also like to work with the RCMP to dedicate more time patrolling Legal to keep the crime rate down. And finally, I will strive to help grow Legal by encouraging new businesses to open in the community, helping with jobs for our youth and grow our economy. A vote for Andy is a vote for Seniors, Security and Community Sustainability.

Email: abeaton1@live.com

Phone: 780-217-9780


Patrick Hills

I am seeking re-election for Town Council. I am a lifelong resident of the Town of Legal and with my wife, Jackie, have raised our children here. I've enjoyed 45 years of employment within the Town and so feel a deep connection to Legal and its people. Through the years I have been active in many volunteer organizations including the Legal Fire Department, Legal Ambulance Service, Legal Citizens on Patrol and Minor Sports.

I believe the key to our Town's prosperity is fiscal responsibility and growing our tax base. Attracting new residents and businesses will allow us to achieve this goal and improve services to our community. Implementing a Community Standards Bylaw would demonstrate pride and Legal would be seen as a clean, well kept community and attractive place to live and raise a family. I would work to improve recreational services and spaces including a dog park, improvement to recreation facilities and possible addition of a public library. I would like to continue the work of our council to attract a physician to Legal in order to have easier access to healthcare in our community. In summary, I believe that Legal is poised for growth and I hope over the next 4 years to be a part of making this happen.

Email: hillspat5@gmail.com

Phone: 780-292-5770


Trina Jones

Trina was first elected to Legal Town Council in 2010, re-elected again in 2013 and 2017. She has a background in Systems Analysis and economic development. Trina's passion, attention to detail and professional background have all been valuable assets to the Town of Legal as well as the local, regional and provincial boards and committees she has been a member of. Her goal is enhanced collaboration and strong communication with the residents of Legal and other levels of government to advocate for solutions that benefit the community.

  • Accountability - responsible and respectful governance and communication
  • Community - promotion of volunteer opportunities and community organizations
  • Economic development - marketing to various audiences with targeted messaging
  • Infrastructure - management through assessment of conditions and advance planning
  • Fiscal responsibility - enhanced transparency of budgeting and exploiting all grant possibilities available
  • Collaboration - advocacy to other levels of government and cooperation with local stakeholders and regional partners
  • Recreation - completion of the trail system and revitalization of the arena complex with an environmentally responsible focus

Email: tjones@clearwave.ca

Phone: 780-965-2396



Fred Malott

Born in Chatham Ontario I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1974 after my graduation. I retired as a Warrant Officer after 25 yrs of service and moved to Legal in 1997. I went on to work for the AB Government in Wildfire Management and retired after 13 yrs. I have spent my volunteer time in Legal in numerous clubs and organizations where my leadership skills have proven to be an asset to the executive committees and the community.

I believe the Town council must be responsible to the community members and as such their interest should be to fulfill it's mandate by being economically accountable while being progressive to the needs of the community. I believe in transparency to all, so the community knows what we are doing and why. I see the need for additional affordable housing, a doctor and other business opportunities that will enhance our town.
I will lobby the Provincial Government to stand by our RCMP policing and NOT move to a Provincial Police Force as this would put unnecessary taxation on to residents. We must continue to expand the opportunity to work in an efficient manner with our neighboring communities to assist each other through ICF's, (Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks) and the IDP's (Intermunicipal Development Plan). I promise to remain committed to our residents and the betterment of our community as a whole.

Email: fcmalott@gmail.com

Phone: 780-299-2456


Guy Ouellette

My name is Guy Ouellette and Legal has been my home for the last 20 years. My wife Casandra and I have been married for 18 years and we have 7 beautiful children. I am currently working as a full time field Agent with the Knights of Columbus. I have been actively involved in the community since moving here in 2001. My family and I are strong believers in volunteerism and giving back to the community we live in. I have served as a team leader in youth ministry, was chair person for the Parish Council for 8 years and I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. I also help to clean and maintain the cemetery, assisted with building the gazebo, help with my children's sports and my family volunteers at the Fete au Village every year. Legal is our home and our family.

If I am elected:

  • I will work hard to keep Legal a safe, clean and vibrant community where people can live, raise their families and call our town their home.
  • I will make every effort to keep the taxes low and affordable.
  • I will strive to engage individuals and families who are new to our town and encourage volunteerism as one of the best ways to interact with and be part of our community. I will also continue to seek out ways to bridge the generational gap in our community through events that encourage participation and interaction of all ages.
  • I will listen to the concerns of the people of Legal and bring them to council's attention.

Email: guydouellette@msn.com

Phone: 780-983-9663



Carol Tremblay

My husband Dan and I have lived in Legal the majority of our lives (40yr+), together we are raising our 13-year-old daughter. I own and operate a small home based printing & office services business, and also work at Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers, Legal Branch. Since 2010 I've held the Secretary/ Treasurer position with the Legal Chamber of Commerce, in addition to being the volunteer publisher of the Legal-Lerie. Fête au Village is dear to my heart, bringing community together. I've held various positions on this committee, currently it's the children's entertainment coordinator. Being an active member of the community is very important to me and I take great pride in volunteering. Legal has an abundant amount of organizations that make the community exceptional and I look forward to continuing my involvement over the years to come.

I take great pride in Legal, it being welcoming, clean, engaging and a growing community. Being a lifelong resident, raising a family and owning a small business in this lovely community we call home. It's of utmost importance to me that it retains its inviting nature and grows with exceptional quality and beauty. My goals if re-elected are to continue being fiscally responsible, encourage business growth, develop stronger regional partnerships, and senior advocacy. In addition to the continued work of procuring a doctor and resourcing municipal owned properties to include a user-friendly community space where a possible library could be housed. The new term will be filled with challenges and exciting new endeavors. I look forward to the future potential of a new council and encourage those to reach out with suggestions and requests for council debate. 

Email: ci961@hotmail.com

Phone: 780-701-5234

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/carol.tremblay961

Mark Veenstra

Hello residents of Legal, my name is Mark Veenstra and I was born and raised in Legal. I am pleased to announce my first-time candidacy for Legal Town Council. I continue to reside in Legal and hope to raise my family here as my parents did. My education includes a diploma in Renewable Resources from NAIT, and a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. I have extensive knowledge on how to best utilize and conserve resources and our environment. I also have over 10 years of experience within the oil and gas industry and am currently starting a new job on the Keyera KAPS Pipeline System just outside of Legal and the surrounding area. During my free time I enjoy hunting and fishing. I am also an avid beekeeper.

If elected I would help shape the community for future generations and focus on the three pillars of community sustainability: economy, social well-being, and environment. I will promote opportunities for economic development and to broaden and diversify the tax base. I am committed to promoting and supporting existing local businesses. I am also committed to increasing the social well-being of all residents and their sense of connection to this community. I will ensure programs are in place that promote physical and mental health of all community members from every walk of life including youth, families, and seniors. And finally, I will promote and support cultural diversity, and decrease the existing environmental footprint.

Email: markevee@hotmail.com

Phone: 587-991-1911


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